Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tomas makes a Snow Angel

Sorry to my loyal readers that it's taken me a couple weeks to post a new Tomas cartoon. I've recently started going to Graduate school and my time that I can devote to The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas has dwindled. Don't fear Tomas isn't going anywhere, I still plan on creating more ordinary adventures for Tomas. It's just that I might not at times be able to stick to my previous schedule of posting a new adventure once a week.


Tomas' Top 5 Ordinary Adventures?

This is a sticky post and will be at the top for the next month or so, scroll down to the next post for the latest installment of The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas.
OK Folks, I've been wanting to add to my sidebar a list of Tomas' Top 5 Ordinary Adventures. Although, I'm having trouble picking them out on my own. So I figured I'd ask you, the readers, to let me know what you think Tomas' Top 5 Ordinary Adventures are. So browse through the archives, and than just leave a comment letting me know which ordinary adventures you believe should be in the top 5. Hey, while your looking through all of Tomas' ordinary adventures you never know you just might come across one that you missed and haven't seen before. Voting will be open for the next month or two.

Thursday, February 01, 2007