Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomas and his hard decisions

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Tomas now has a myspace profile. Why don't you ask Tomas to be your friend. We all need an invisible friend in our lives don't we?

*To alleviate some confusion Tomas is not moving to myspace, he only has a profile there, his ordinary adventures will still be posted here once a week.*


Anonymous said...

Tomas, I think the beach shows you off best- it's "swell!"

Anonymous said...


I think that I might be able donate a small sum to your enrichment, Tomas, just as soon as I can get brother to slack off on some of his smoking.

Get yourself an imaginary muse. Then you can let her do all the work while you go fishing.

Benny said...

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Equus said...

How nice to see you Thomas. Myspace eh? perfect place for someone imaginary ;-)

me again said...

Ahh Tomas, apologies for not spelling you correctly.

Anonymous said...

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