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Tomas the Trespasser?


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Tomas and his hard decisions

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Tomas now has a myspace profile. Why don't you ask Tomas to be your friend. We all need an invisible friend in our lives don't we?

*To alleviate some confusion Tomas is not moving to myspace, he only has a profile there, his ordinary adventures will still be posted here once a week.*

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Stop the press, even more The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas merchandise has just been released! Choose from a selection of t-shirts, magnets, buttons, stickers and postcards. Don't be the last kid on the block to have them. If you have any suggestions as to your favorite The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas adventures that you'd like to see on a product just let me know.

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Reader submitted

So I received this reader submitted Tomas cartoon today. It's a take on the Tomas cartoon that I posted the other day(see below), I happen to like the reader's added touch to my Tomas cartoon so much that I had to post it for all to see.

Ordinary Tomas portraits

Oh how rude of me, the reader that sent this in goes by the name Peculiar23 and you can learn more about Peculiar23 here and here.

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