Friday, September 29, 2006

The Temptation of Tomas

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Anonymous said...

if tomas gets over his conscience about stealing that apple, will you send him to Tiffany's for me?

msquared said...

Hmmm he'll have to think about that one.

Anonymous said...

chicks LOVE the blue box!

INAMINI said...

Oh Tomas, Tomas- the temptation!

ian said...


I've added Tomas to my blogroll. I hope he can find some new friends that way.

BTW, if you want to add me, that's fine - but if you do, could you also add my own webcomic The Adventures of the S-Team?

I hope Tomas doesn't steal that apple. I suspect imaginary friends have a very thin time of it in the pokey.


lufra said...

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(sorry for my english!!!)
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Meany•Quinn said...

Take it! Take It!

Shan said...

Tomas was observing Ramadan? I didn't see him at Eid prayer.

Anonymous said...

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