Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tomas makes a Snow Angel

Sorry to my loyal readers that it's taken me a couple weeks to post a new Tomas cartoon. I've recently started going to Graduate school and my time that I can devote to The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas has dwindled. Don't fear Tomas isn't going anywhere, I still plan on creating more ordinary adventures for Tomas. It's just that I might not at times be able to stick to my previous schedule of posting a new adventure once a week.



Goncalo Veiga said...

There's my good friend Tomas! We missed him!

Meany•Quinn said...

WTF! (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Finally a new Tomas.

Meany•Quinn said...

Did Tomas have accident? I think I see some yellow snow in the distance!

Drew said...

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Juice™ said...


Skittles said...

Welcome back, Tomas!

Skittles said...

School must come first! We'll wait :)

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Christian said...

if that is your best,that's bad!

Christian (Age 9)

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