Friday, April 20, 2007


Just a quick update seeing as how I haven't added a new comic in a few weeks.

Recently The Ordinary Adventures of Tomas has surpassed 10,000 views! I really can't believe it, so I would just like to thank all the returning visitors to this blog and also welcome any new ones.

Also in the news, it seems I've won some money in a raffle that was being held over at A Links Blog. This was quite a surprise, since I didn't even know I entered any raffle. If your not familiar with A Links Blog, go check it out and have him add your link. With your link on his site he will also include a small description of your blog.

I hope to have a new Ordinary Adventure of Tomas posted next week.

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Skittles said...

Congrats on both!!!

Fifi LePew said...

congratulations on the big 10,000 and of course extra cash is always cool!

I just realized "tomas waits" could be a play on "tom waits". freudian slip?