Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tomas Relaxes in the Park

Tomas Relaxes in the Park

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Patience said...

Where were all the rest of the people?!?

Meany said...

Tomas, your supposed to give them a $1

Christian said...

Man, that must not feel good! Just get off by sliding, or are the people too heavy? And plus, all the chairs are the same!

Christian (age 9)

msquared said...

Patience: I had the area roped off so I could take the photo.

Meany: I didn't have any singles on me at the time.

Christian: Hmmm I'll have to try your sliding off the chair idea.

equus said...

Poor Tomas.. he gets ignored wherever he goes. Fantastic pics and layout as usual.

Christian said...

Have you tried sliding yet? It works, doesn't it! REAL GOOD!

Christian (age 9)

Anonymous said...

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